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Since you guys liked the first set, here’s some more anxious dragons! (and one that’s just done)

I wonder if dragon hoards are held to the same organizational standards as rooms? I’m pretty sure the first one is just procrastinating on cleaning.

it smells like someone’s making spareribs

it’s 2.30am




I think part of the reason im so into bands and shows and movies and books is because i rather just fill myself with those things than admit that im really lonely and not happy and want to cry most of the time.

this is the most accurate description of my life i’ve ever seen

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September Love (Daft Punk x Earth Wind & Fire)


fuck yeahhhhhh

This literally made my entire day. 

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boromir asking gimli about erebor and being genuinely interested in the ensuing two hour conversation

boromir answering legolas when he has questions about mortal life, describing the process of aging, and assuring legolas that it’s not as bad as it seems

boromir letting merry and pip lecture him about pipe weed and tea kettles

boromir being more than just the man who succumbed to the ring

artists out there - keep drawing and practicing as much as you can and want to and don’t think you’ll never get better
I know that there’s countless comparison posts out there as encouragements from artists, showing their improvement
but let me tell you
I hardly ever draw, even though I like doing it, because it’s not /my thing/ or whatever
and even I’ve improved drastically over the years, trust me
I draw probably once a month on average (wanna get into it more again)
and I’ve improved
trust me
if you draw every day and always look for ways to improve
then dammit
you fucking will


excuse me as I celebrate belatedly over pacific rim getting a sequel and a possible animated series with mako mori drawings


excuse me as I celebrate belatedly over pacific rim getting a sequel and a possible animated series with mako mori drawings

6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts


Cracked was already one of my favorite sites on the internet, but recently it’s been reaching awe-inspiring levels of fantastic.

Just think, an article un-apologetically calling bullshit on sexism and rape culture in video games is on the front page of one of (if not the) biggest comedy website on the web.  I want to give everyone on staff a huge hug.

just don’t read the comments trust me